Arsovski: Kovachevski should apologize to the Macedonian people because he is leading the country towards a new national betrayal


Dimitar Kovachevski is a shame for the Macedonian people. Continuing in the footsteps of his mentor Zoran Zaev, where he convincingly leads the country to the path of ruin and national shame, makes him an even worse prime minister than Zaev himself. The question that the public is asking is the following: Why is Kovacevski running away from facing the citizens in a referendum? Does the fact that he says that the referendum is a step back in the whole process mean that he is aware that the citizens do not support it, said spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE Dimche Arsovski at a press conference on Friday.

Arsovski stressed that the citizens do not support Kovachevski’s policies.

“The fact that Kovachevski is afraid to go to the referendum is only proof that the citizens do not support the negotiation framework that he promotes and pushes, which in translation means assimilation and Bulgarianization. Citizens are not in favor of this. If we talk about steps backwards, the Republic of Macedonia has been taking steps backwards all the time since SDSM came to power. With Kovachevski, that pace of stepping backwards only intensifies. Dimitar Kovachevski should apologize to the Macedonian people, to the citizens, because he is leading the state against the will of the citizens towards a new national betrayal. VMRO-DPMNE will not allow changes to the Constitution at any price. The price that Kovacevski wants the citizens and the country to pay is too high. The manipulations of Kovachevski and the clique around him will fail if he accepts and accepts a referendum, and that is why he is afraid and scared of the people, as we actually saw that he was afraid at that private party celebration that he had organized in Krushevo where he did not allow the citizens to celebrate the state holiday as befits,” said the opposition spokesperson.

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