The use of the term “North Macedonians” is an insult to Macedonians


Former Vice Prime Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Minister, Nikola Dimitrov, reacted on social media that the use of “North Macedonians” among foreign diplomats and officials has increased recently.

“Recently, the use of the non-existent term “North Macedonians” by representatives of countries – our friends, which support the Prespa Agreement – has become more frequent. But one of the two key pillars of the compromise of the Prespa Agreement is precisely self-determination as Macedonians who speak the Macedonian language, something that the Agreement itself guarantees.  In other words, “North Macedonia” is only possible if Macedonians live in it, together with their fellow citizens, and that must be respected. Therefore, any use of the term “North Macedonians” apart from being an insult to Macedonians, is also an undermining of the Prespa Agreement. Clearly, a much more serious focus by our diplomacy is needed to promote this unequivocal narrative in international relations and to prevent this phenomenon, because it seems that in recent months no one is doing this. It is not permissible. Especially considering that during this period, a member state of the EU and our neighbor directly denies the Macedonian identity and language. We must work proactively, but also regularly and promptly react to any wrong use without exception until the international practice is fully in line with the provisions of the Agreement,” Dimitrov said.

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