Minister of Joy and Censorship should react to the newly formed neo-fascist association “Tsar Boris the Third” in Ohrid!


The opposition party Levica called on the Minister of Culture BiseraKostadinovska-Stojchevska to respond to the appearance of a new, as she says, neo-fascist association in Ohrid.

“The Minister of Joy and Censorship, who showed a capacity for censorship and regulation of the thought and cultural creation of Macedonian artists – obviously, that she is selective in her rigor, because the lack of reaction to the emergence of a series of neo-fascist associations on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia that shows it. After the opening of the neo-fascist “cultural club” in Bitola, which bears the name of the greatest blood member of the Macedonian people and fascist VanchoMihajlov, now in Ohrid, in addition to the association “Ratko” (one of VanchoMihajlov’s pseudonyms), a new association has sprung up, named as “Tsar Boris III”. This Bulgarian emperor, during the Second World War, joined fascist Bulgaria to the Triple Pact. Then followed the invasion, occupation and annexation of Macedonia, which was followed by numerous murders and atrocities against the innocent Macedonian population and Macedonian partisans. The Bulgarian fascist armies of Tsar Boris contributed to the “final solution” of Hitler, and a large number of Macedonian Jews were deported to the concentration camp Treblinka,” reads Levica’s press release.

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