Over 17,000 people lost their jobs in 2 years, companies returned only 29% of the funds borrowed from the Government


The crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 caused the loss of jobs in RNM. According to the data provided by the RNM Employment Agency, a total of 17,022 workers lost their jobs from the onset of the pandemic to December 31, 2020.

The auditors determined that the institutions do not have complete data on the basis of returned financial support per beneficiary within the established terms and amount in the Budget. According to the analysis of the audit, the employers and natural persons-users of the measures for subsidizing contributions and payment of wages, returned only 29% of the calculated obligation to return, which has the effect of less returned funds in the RNM Budget in the amount of MKD 988,307.

In addition, due to the fact that there is no way of control and return of the allocated funds for one-time financial support to individuals and legal entities from separate activities, there is a risk that the legal entities that have not fulfilled the conditions will not return the funds to the RNM Budget in the amount of MKD 448,698.

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