Is bread becoming a luxury? Bread producers “kneaded” super profits


The State Statistics Office (SSO) published data that bread and cereals have reached a price increase of 36.5 percent in July this year, compared to the same month of 2021. The Union of Trade Unions (SSM), on the other hand, calculated that the price of bread increased by more than 100 percent. But even without these calculations, every buyer knows how much the bread he bought used to cost, and how much it is now, reports

The data show that last year only “Zhito Luks” ended in a loss (287,000 euros), while “Silbo”, “Special”, “Dime” and “Zhito Leb Ohrid” made a profit. At the same time, the biggest winner last year was the “Dime” bakery with a profit of 400,000 euros, which is more than double the profit made in 2020. “Zhito Skopje Silbo”, which is especially known for its bakeries in Debar Maalo and in Aerodrom, had a profit of 289,000 euros last year and thus made a larger profit by about 70,000 euros compared to 2020. “Zhito Leb Ohrid” managed to get out of the bad financial situation it fell into in 2020 when it ended up with a loss of 276,000 euros and made a profit of 200,000 euros last year. “Specijal” also made a profit, but with a more modest amount than the other companies – last year it profited with 67,000 euros and achieved a profit growth of over 12 percent, compared to 2020 when it had a profit of 57,000 euros.

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