Goshev tells Deutsche Welle: Macedonia is turning into a huge above-ground septic tank without pluralism, with competition from oligarchies



The Macedonian government does not continuously build institutions, but destroys them, said Petar Goshev, the former leader of SKM-PDP, former Minister of Finance and ex-governor of the National Bank of Macedonia, in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

“Our system is essentially an “own man system”. If you don’t have it, it’s hard for you to write. Degraded institutions – devoid of knowledge and responsibility, as well as the global corruption that has turned into the “most prestigious activity”, are the main reason for the transformation of Macedonia into a large above-ground septic tank,” says Goshev.

The former leader of SKM-PDP, and later of the Democratic Party, says that there is no pluralism in N. Macedonia:

“We do not have pluralism, but competition of oligarchies. By taking out guns on the table, with various threats of revenge, privileges are extorted – it seems we are living the age of the most primitive original accumulation in the history of mankind,” Goshev told DW.

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