The incompetent SDSM/DUI Government brought Macedonia to the top of the countries with the highest inflation, says opposition


Macedonia is breaking records due to its disastrous handling of the economic crisis and is among the countries with the highest inflation in Europe. The high percentage of inflation eats up the fragile living standard of the citizens, opposition party VMRO-DPMNE points out.

The unsuccessful handling of inflation by the Government led by SDSM and DUI and by the National Bank has already for a long period of time risen to the top of the list in Europe according to the level of the inflation rate.

“As of July, according to the published data on annual inflation (of 21 countries), Macedonia is at 4th spot. A total of 17 countries have lower inflation, and only three have higher inflation than the one registered in Macedonia. The annual inflation in Macedonia is twice as high as the annual inflation in Albania in July 2022,” the opposition party’s press release reads.

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