DUI and SDSM will spend EUR 70,000 for a party celebration of the Framework Agreement in the midst of crisis and no drinking water in Tetovo


The power of SDSM and DUI is lost in space and detached from reality. For a one-day celebration on the occasion of the Framework Agreement, over 70 thousand euros will be spent just for a party and singers, at a time when the state is in crisis and when the citizens of Tetovo do not have basic living conditions, says opposition VMRO-DPMNE. The largest opposition party adds that, while the people of Tetovo are left without drinking water, dozens of villages are without sewerage, and the people of Arachinovo are still dreaming of the sewerage that was promised to them more than 6 years ago, Kovacevski, Grubi and the rest of the ministers of the most inept government will spend thousands of euros of the taxpayers’ money, on a celebration.

“In the midst of an economic and energy crisis, where thousands of citizens remain unemployed or do not know how to survive the month, the government decided to throw money at a party celebration. The robbery through the increase of excise duties, taxes, dozens of criminal tenders was not enough for them, now they decided to turn a blind eye to the people through a celebration,” the press release reads.

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