We get daily confirmation from Bulgarian politicians about the national betrayals in the Protocol signed by the Macedonian Government, says opposition


The latest statements coming from Sofia deny the manipulations and lies of Kovachevski and his Government. Bulgarian slaps for Kovachevski’s Government arrive on daily basis. Namely the so-called The French proposal that Kovachevski wanted to portray as a great achievement of diplomacy is actually a big debacle for Macedonia, and the latest confirmation of that is the statement of the Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Iotova who stated that the French proposal is a great diplomatic success for Bulgaria and that through the negotiating framework for Macedonia the Bulgarian positions have been entered, for which he thanked the European leaders for their understanding, Mile Lefkov, MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE, told a press conference on Saturday.
That’s why the faces of Kovachevski and his team are sour, and in Bulgaria they are jubilant. Another blow, that is, a denial of the lies of Kovachevski and his government, comes from the Bulgarian politician Ilhan Kyuchyuk. While our government lies that we have started accession negotiations, Kyuchyuk tells them that the negotiations will not start until one condition, crucial for Bulgaria, is met, and that is the inclusion of Bulgarians to Macedonia’s Constitution

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