I will leave politics if anyone from the party votes for Constitution changes, Mickoski says


If anyone from VMRO-DPMNE votes and under these conditions for Constitution changes, then I will go away and leave politics, opposition party leader Hristijan Mickoski said on Sunday.
When asked about the new document presented by the Bulgarian interim Minister of Foreign Affairs and about the course of talks between Macedonia and Bulgaria, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE replied that the entire process was lecturing and calculating, and Macedonian diplomacy capitulated.
“It was a knock-down for Macedonian diplomacy. I warned that there will be more and more demands from Bulgaria. Here I will warn about a process that the government is trying to lead – “what should we do, Europe is forcing us to do this”. That’s not correct. Europe does not force us. We must not fall for that provocation,” said Mickoski.

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