Wherever we are, we must be proud that we were born in Macedonia, says Emilija Stojmenova – minister of the Slovenian government


Emilija Stojmenova Duh, PHD and associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, has recently been the minister of digitization in the new Slovenian government of the new Prime Minister Robert Golob, as the first Macedonian woman. At the same time, she is the first minister in Slovenia, who was born and raised abroad.

In a conversation with the Agency for Emigration, Stojmenova said that regardless of where we are, we must be proud that we were born in Macedonia and maintain ties with our country. Believing that culture and art are the strongest link, she strives to maintain contacts with our cultural artists and companies and assures that it will be the same in the future.

“In my office you will find works of art by Macedonian painters. If you want to meet me in Slovenia, look for me at concerts and performances of our artists,” says Stojmenova.

Born in Vinica, Stojmenova moved to Slovenia with a scholarship in her third year of high school education. She says that she wanted to show and prove that it doesn’t matter where you come from, but that with effort and work you can achieve anything.

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