Electricity worth EUR 50 million stolen in Skopje annually – EUR 6 million stolen only in Arachinovo


According to some calculations of the people employed by EVN who are in the field every day, the value of the stolen electricity from the Skopje region alone is about 50 million euros in just one year.

An EVN employee, who understandably wanted to remain anonymous, says that in Arachinovo municipality alone, electricity worth 6 million euros is stolen or unpaid in one year. The government, both local and central, has this data, but is silent.

So far, hundreds of journalistic stories have been published about how EVN controllers simply do not have access to the electricity meters of individual households that have not paid their electricity bill for years.

According to the unofficial data of an EVN employee, in February of this year, electricity losses in Arachinovo alone amounted to about 80%. This means that the annual loss is more than 20 thousand megawatt hours. The average price on the electricity market for one megawatt hour is 300 euros. This means that only from the region of Arachinovo, the value of the stolen electricity is 6 million euros in just one year. How many years in a row has it been like this?

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