President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia demands concrete measures for assistance from the Government


The President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia BrankoAzeski indicated in an author’s column that the business sector is ready, together with the authorities, to seek salvation for the country’s economy during the next week, and the proposal is for business representatives to be part of the government and parliamentary sessions where major decisions are made.

“We demand a return from ‘party’ to ‘state’ agenda. A new framework agreement is needed for economic reforms, policies and measures that should be implemented in the next ten years at least. Only with this approach will the business sector be able to work in an environment that is stable, predictable and long-term oriented,” said Azeski.

In the next few days, the Chamber will hold meetings and consultations, pointed out Azeski, and also announced that at the end of the week there will be a meeting with the Minister of Finance and the Government.

“80 percent of inflation currently comes from food and energy imports. Just for example, we will import 700 million euros worth of food this year. What is an absolute debacle of our 30 years of independence, with more than a billion euros of subsidies spent without concrete added value and without strategic national awareness and vision. To conclude, we are not people who have no alternative and will not find a solution to any problem. It is true that these problems have an international character, but let us solve our own,” Azeski added.

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