Former UBK head turns himself over to Struga prison for serving prison sentence


The former UBK head Sasho Mijalkov reported to the Struga prison to serve his three-year prison sentence for the “Empire” case. Mijalkov was supposed to be behind bars on the eighth of this month, but he requested a two-week delay in serving the sentence due to health reasons, and the Court in Ohrid approved his request.

The former head of the secret police was sentenced on July 8, 2022. He pleaded guilty to “criminal association” and “illegal acquisition of property” in the “Empire” crime, for which he received a three-year prison sentence, as well as the confiscation of money and property, with a total value of about 36 million euros. Before the verdict was pronounced, Mijalkov changed his address to Ohrid, so he will be able to serve his sentence in the Struga prison, which is of the semi-open type.

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