Is the Minister of Internal Affairs the reason for Prosecutor Ruskovska’s suspension?


What is hidden behind the suspension of the Prosecutor of Organized Crime Vilma Ruskovska and under what pressures that decision was made, for now the cards are not fully revealed to the public.

She revealed that she was suspended just a week before the questioning of witnesses in the “Technical Examination Center Besa Trans” case, in which the Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski as the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is involved.

The procedural actions in the investigation of the Spasovski case, which may lead to criminal charges against the most powerful man in the government and in the SDSM, still provide a different perspective for Ruskovska’s suspension.

Since May 2022, the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for prosecuting organized crime and corruption has been investigating why the Ministry of Internal Affairs kept in a drawer for months the decision to temporarily ban work at the “Via Komerc” technical inspection station, where the “Besa Trans” bus that caught fire in Bulgaria was inspected.

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