UKIM enrollments: Four faculties each have over a thousand vacant places for freshmen


Of the 23 faculties that are part of the University “St. Kiril i Metodij” – Skopje, four offer over a thousand free places each for students who would enroll in the first year in the academic year 2022/2023 of the upcoming admissions. The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Law and FINKI together have 4,535 places for freshmen, or 41.53 percent of the total of 10,918 foreseen in the UKIM Competition for the upcoming academic year.

PMF has the most available places (1275), offers 28 study programs to which freshmen can enroll – 655 places are for full-time students financed from the state budget, 445 for full-time students who pay tuition fees and 175 free places for part-time students.

The Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” can admit 1125 students in the first year of 22 study programs – 555 full-time students in the state quota, 430 full-time students with tuition and 140 part-time students.

The study programs of the Faculty of Philology cover areas of the Macedonian language, Macedonian literature and culture, general and comparative literature, translation and interpretation, other national languages, as well as fifteen foreign languages.


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