Tupancheski proposes formation of interdepartmental group that will give opinions on historical figures


The Macedonian Minister of Justice Nikola Tupancheski announced that at Tuesday’s session of the Government, he will propose to form an interdepartmental group as a transitional solution that will give an opinion on historical figures in the process of registration of associations. What should be done in the meantime, in my opinion as the Minister of Justice, is to take precautions in terms of preventing the situation. This means that today I will try to propose a solution at the Government session – bypassing the situation until the adoption of a new Law on Associations and Foundations.

My proposal would be to form an ad-hoc, interdepartmental, expert body, which will give an opinion on the character of historical figures, that is, on the way in which they will be formed or give an opinion on giving consent”, said Minister of Justice Tupancheski, asked by the media.

“This will reduce the possibility of abuse of certain persons who have a negative context through different historical eras,” added Tupancheski.

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