Prespa fruit farmers stage protest demanding payment of EUR 4.5 million


Fruit farmers in Prespa, but also fruit farmers from Ohrid and Bitola today held a peaceful protest and blockade of the regional road direction Bitola – Resen – Ohrid, with which they sent a message that they demand the payment of the funds which, as they said, have already been approved by the Government’s decision. It is about 4.5 million euros that should be received by about 4,000 fruit farmers, most of them from the Resen region, but also fruit farmers from Bitola and Ohrid, noted Ljube Pampulevski, a fruit farmer from Resen.

“At today’s first protest, we reminded that the funds should be paid immediately, i.e. compensation for damage caused by hail storms and ice in winter conditions from 2016, part of 2017 and in 2018 to fruit plantations. We demand that the funds be paid in full by August 29 of this year at the latest, that is, that the funds be paid to the special, dedicated account of the Municipality of Resen, otherwise we will continue the protests,” stressed Pampulevski.

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