Despite the scandal in education, company close to the government is favored, opposition says


The school year barely ended in August, if the graduation ceremony is considered the end of the year, enrollment in the secondary school was scandalous – instead of certificates, pictures from the E-diary were attached, and now the year may start late because there are no major books for schools, chair of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Education and Science Vesna Janevska pointed out on Wednesday.

“On the same working day, the schools received a notification from the Bureau of Education Development that they should pick up the main books for the school year 2022/2023, only to be notified again late in the afternoon not to request the main books, because there are errors in the printing and therefore the main books will have to be reprinted,” Janevska said

The company “Arberia Design” was hired yet again for the printing, added Janevska, labeling it as a “sponsor” of the ruling DUI.

Explain that the error in the Main Books consists of mixed-up pages without any order of descriptive and numerical assessment, without order of the ordinal number of the students, etc.

“According to the contract of the first of August this year, ‘Arberia Design’ based in Tetovo, the favorite printing house of DUI/SDSM, undertakes to deliver the pedagogical documentation and records within five days after the order from the Bureau of Education. The bureau, as the ordering party, undertakes to perform a preliminary control of the technical preparation for printing, the quality of the printed materials and written approval for distribution,” said Janevska.


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