Former Minister Hajredini confused by the mysterious vortex from which Osmani saved Macedonia


Former Minister of Finance Xhevdet Hajredini wonders what kind of vortex the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani, who is not known as Superman, has not yet shown abilities that make him a super diplomat, did not get out of.

Does anyone know from which Balkan vortex and how Bujar Osmani managed to get the country out at the last moment?” asks Hajredini, commenting on the statement of Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani about the French proposal:

I know that the public is still divided, and I am convinced that we made a good and strategic decision, which time will show that it was so, and we managed to pull the country out of the Balkan vortex at the last moment and launch it into an irreversible path of Europeanization and stabilization, but also increasing the standard for citizens, said Osmani.

Osmani has not yet given any details of what kind of whirlwind there was and how he and the government saved Macedonia.


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