The Kovachevski duo brought the country to the brink of energy collapse, claims Miteva


The Kovachevski duo brought the country to the brink of energy collapse. The energy facilities are operating at half capacity, and even as they are due to the incompetence and criminality of the government, they are polluting the air and endangering the health of the citizens, as is the case with REC Bitola for several days, spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE Marija Miteva told a press conference on Monday.

“There are no coal reserves at the landfill in REC Bitola. According to our information, there are currently only 90,000 tons of earth and coal mixture. The calorific value of this mixture is one-third that of normal coal, which means that there is the equivalent of 30,000 tons of coal in the landfill. It is enough to work for several days with strong fuel oil combustion support. Just for comparison, when VMRO-DPMNE managed this enterprise, the amount of coal at the landfill was around 400,000 tons. The problems in REC are not only due to the lack of coal or its low calorific value, but also technical ones. Namely, the problems with the filters of the blocks are serious, and especially with block 2, which is completely neglected in maintenance. The zones in the filter are clogged with ash and dirt. Such amateurism in the work with REK Bitola is the reason for the enormous pollution these days from this energy plant, which is accompanied by thick yellow-brown smoke that is a mixture of ash and earth. From the real picture of the situation, it can be concluded that the Government is not even remotely prepared to deal with the energy crisis,” said Miteva.

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