Government to reveal which Strumica companies, close to the Zaev family, received loans and did not repay them, thus being involved in the collapse of the Eurostandard Bank


The criminal octopus with the TAT Savings Bank from Bitola got a new modern version with the collapse of Eurostandard Bank, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Monday.

The new criminal octopus in Macedonia with the Eurostandard Bank does not get a resolution. This is because high former and current officials from the anti-Macedonian SDS are involved in this huge crime. And this case with Eurostandard Bank, like the one about TAT, happens at a time when the anti-Macedonian SDS is in power, as then and now, high SDS officials are involved. Should the government led by the anti-Macedonian SDS publicly announce which Strumica companies are involved in this crime? Also, should he answer how these companies, close to the richest family in Strumica, as well as in Macedonia, the Zaev family, received loans from the bank without cover and did not pay them back?, the opposition party pointed out.

VMRO-DPMNE adds that the public expects an answer as to how these companies were privileged by not returning the money and all this was kept quiet, whether because they are connected to the Zaev family and they were protected in the crime they committed.

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