Janevski: The entrance fee at Kokino is charged without fiscal receipt, institutions should take measures


The director of the Agency for Support and Promotion of Tourism (APPT) Ljupcho Janevski says that he constantly receives complaints from citizens about inadequate treatment of a large number of our attractions and localities. One of them is the Kokino observatory, where, as he stresses, the entrance fee is charged literally under a pear tree, on a hand-written bill, without issuing a fiscal receipt.

Janevski believes that the institutions that Kokino is under should take measures.

“The entrance fee at Kokino is charged literally under a pear tree, on a paragon bill. There are no fiscal receipts. You get nothing with the entrance, you walk along a muddy and dusty road, without a tour guide. You don’t even get any additional information,” Janevski points out.

According to the APPT head, this is no way to treat Macedonia’s tourist attractions.


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