New fuel prices as of midnight, liter of diesel to reach over MKD 100


The Regulatory Commission for Energy passed a Decision increasing the retail prices of petroleum products by an average of 1.41% compared to the decision of August 26, 2022.

The reference prices of petroleum products on the world market, compared to the previous calculation, show a decrease in gasoline by an average of 1.173%, an increase in diesel by an average of 3.246%, an increase in extra light oil by an average of 1.720% and an increase in fuel oil by an average of approx. 1.255%.

The retail prices of EUROSUPER BS-95 and EUROSUPER BS-98 gasoline are increasing by 0.50 denars/liter.

The retail price of EURODIESEL (D-E V) increases by 3.00 den/liter.

These are the new fuel prices that will be valid as of midnight:

– Motor gasoline – EUROSUPER BS – 95 – 89.50 (denars/liter)

– Motor gasoline – EUROSUPER BS – 98 – 92.00 (denars/liter)

– Diesel fuel – EURODIESEL BS (D-E V) – 101.50 (denars/liter)

– Fuel oil – Extra light 1 (EL-1) – 97.50 (denars/liter)

– Fuel M-1 NS – 53,955 (denars/kilogram)

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