Tripunovski: Kovachevski and HMRC to be held responsible for the dysfunctional million-dollar contract for disaster prevention that did not prevent the storm yesterday


Every year, starting from 2020 until today, the government through HMRC pays over one million euros for the procurement of aerial cloud seeding services for the prevention of natural disasters and adverse climatic events. Every year, despite the one million euros of people’s money, natural disasters and hail damage happen all over the country, and this was the case with Skopje and the Skopje field yesterday.
This is the agreement that HMRC concludes three times with Aeroclub Skopje every year, and every year, over one million euros of public money is paid out through the budget, Cvetan Tripunovski, president of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, told a press conference on Wednesday.
Tripunovski stresses that if this contract is respected, it will prevent any accidents, and will not allow enormous damages, as was the case yesterday.
“The contract clearly states that HMRC is obliged to maintain the functionality of the radar centers in Gjurishte and Topolchani in the period from 05.05.2022 to 04.11.2022. And additionally every day no later than 11:00 a.m. to submit a Bulletin on the weather conditions and weather forecast for the current day, and submit them by email to the responsible person of the service provider for the implementation of hail defense. On the other hand, Aeroclub Skopje undertakes to install automatic units and UPS devices at the Radar Centers in Gjurishte and Topolchani by the beginning of the anti-hail season at the latest for the uninterrupted operation of the radars. And at the same time, his planes should be ready for take-off a maximum of 1 hour after the notification from the person on duty at the radar center about a possible occurrence of instability during the day. Kovachevski and HMRC must answer whether their radar centers detected the storm and notified the holder of the cloud seeding procurement, in order to prevent the great disaster that happened yesterday,“ Tripunovski said.

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