ISA: 30 winegrowers reported damages from the storm to the insurance companies from the Negotino region


180 winegrowers in the municipality of Negotino have agricultural insurance, and every sixth of them reported damage from the last storm with hail that damaged vineyards. 19 insured persons from that municipality also reported property damage from the strong storm. A total of 562 residents of Negotino have property insurance policies and that is only 3 percent of all residents of that municipality. With these 562 policies, 7% of the apartments (homes) in the municipality of Negotino are insured, informed Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) on Thursday.

Thirty winegrowers from the region of Negotino reported damages to insurance companies after a strong storm with hail that hit this region in mid-August. Agricultural insurance policies have a total of 180 insured natural persons, and every sixth of them reported damage to their vineyards, according to the official data of the Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA).

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