Еvents that have been happening in education for a long period of time cannot be ignored. It is our common responsibility to react, point out and stop the processes that lead to the destruction of the educational process. If some time ago we discussed topics related to the quality of teaching and output results, today we are faced with a lack of elementary conditions for teaching. Technical problems such as lack of certificates, printing errors and delays in main books, absence of textbooks, etc. indicate that the most crucial department, education, is not given adequate attention.

We are talking about omissions from insufficiently invested energy and expertise, as well as untimely planning of the procedures with the aim of an uninterrupted and quality flow of the teaching process. I wish this September 1 to be the beginning of raising awareness of the meaning and importance of education and restoring the dignity of the teaching profession. Mistakes that we do not strive to correct are doomed to be repeated, said Hristina Serafimovska of the VMRO-DPMNE Central Commission for Education and Science in a Facebook post on Thursday.

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