Half a million Macedonian citizens live on the threshold of poverty, and Kovachevski gives EUR 400,000 to a PR agency for a wine festival


From VMRO-DPMNE they say that in conditions where 500,000 citizens live on the threshold of poverty, the Government of the anti-Macedonian SDS and Dimitar Kovachevski spend 400,000 euros of public money on the favorite Rating agency.

“The same company, the agency Rating SP-M DOOEL Skopje, owned by Nikola Spasov in the period between 2017 and 2022, received 5 tenders from the Government alone with a total value of over 500,000 euros, while from other institutions and municipalities under the management the anti-Macedonian SDS has received 18 tenders worth close to 180,000 euros. Citizens are barely surviving and are struggling with how they will spend the winter due to the price shocks of food products, electricity and fuel, the government and Kovachevski are scattering and handing out tenders to a company that predicted victory in the last local elections Rating,” reads the party’s press release.

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