The flood in KARIL cannot be cleaned only with a mop – have microbiological swabs been made due to the risk of infections, asks Stojanoska


A few days ago, the healthcare system was handicapped, due to the flooding of the Clinic for Anesthesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Treatment, also known as KARIL. Due to the flooding of the clinic, patients were not admitted to it and were referred to other cities and hospitals. With this, perhaps the key facility in tertiary healthcare was put out of service. Whether and what kind of solution it is for the patients, the citizens can come to a conclusion themselves, the head of the VMRO-DPMNE EC Dafina Stojanoska told a press conference on Saturday.
Stojanoska asked what was undertaken to properly prepare this clinic for appropriate operation.
“Mind you, this is no ordinary garage or basement, from which only the water needs to be pumped out and cleaned with a mop. If the clinic was flooded by the spill of atmospheric sewage or other waters to the point of sending patients, then this is a very serious and thorough process of return to function. The rashness of the authorities must not cost lives. This clinic is a very serious and sensitive part of the health system and tertiary care, and interhospital infections must not be allowed to occur in any way. Hence we ask: What has been doneto rehabilitate the floods in KARIL? Have microbiological tests been done by the Center for Public Health? I must remind you that this institution is competent to recognize this taking of tests and only with three consecutive negative tests can it allow the clinic to continue working. Are the Ministry of Health and the Sanitary and Health Inspectorate involved and familiar with the activities to return the clinic to operation? Finally, whether an examination of the electrical installation in the clinic has been carried out, if it is taken into account that devices and instruments that have a vital importance for patients depend on its correctness,” said Stojanoska

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