74-year-old and his son suspected of murder attempt in Kumanovo


The public prosecutor from the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office Kumanovo issued an Order to conduct an investigative procedure against a 74-year-old man from Kumanovo, for whom there is a well-founded suspicion that he committed a crime – Murder from Article 123 paragraph 1 in connection with Article 19 (in an attempt) of the Criminal Code, as well as against his 35-year-old son, suspected of assisting in the commission of the said crime.

On September 2, at the intersection between “Kiro Fetak” and “Boris Kidrich” streets in Kumanovo, the first suspect intentionally tried to take the life of a person, while the second suspect intentionally helped him in doing so, removing obstacles to the execution of the crime deed.

The competent public prosecutor submitted to the judge of the preliminary procedure from the Kumanovo Basic Court a proposal for the determination of a detention measure for the two suspects.

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