Government’s tax “reform” is nothing but a new burden for citizens, claims VMRO-DPMNE


The concept that the government is proposing as a tax reform is nothing but a new burden for citizens and business to cover the crime, corruption and mismanagement of the SDS and DUI government, says opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

The largest opposition party points out that it is not actually a tax reform, because it does not have a strategic approach and does not evaluate the overall economic effect. It will discourage certain sectors, inflows and investments will decrease and the disposable income of citizens will decrease. Which means it will have a negative impact on the economy.

“What the Government wants to do is in favor of crime, the gray economy and tax defaulters, and to the detriment of legal businesses and citizens. This so-called reform will negatively affect the liquidity of companies and their plans for future investments, while an even greater burden is placed on small and micro companies that will be forced to move to the informal sector. It will lead to a new outflow of workers who will look for work abroad. At the same time, the same government plans to increase the preferential tax rates for VAT for some basic products, which will lead to a further increase in prices, which will increase poverty in Macedonia and make citizens unable to afford basic things. The progressive tax that the government is planning has already experienced a collapse and failure in Macedonia, while the flat tax that was introduced by the VMRO-DPMNE Government has proven to be effective in reducing informal employment, reducing unemployment and as effective in the fight against the gray economy, reads the opposition’s press release.

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