ESM’s Kovachevski: Together with the Government, we are looking for a way to provide cheaper electricity for the economy


In the past period, as a country, we are making intensive preparations to increase the production of electricity. We produce 100 percent of all the energy that is needed for citizens and small consumers, instead of only 60% as prescribed by law, so that EVN Home does not have to purchase the rest at stock market prices, because this will affect everyone’s domestic budget citizen, said the director of AD ESM Vasko Kovachevski.

“In the meantime, together with the Government, we are looking for a way to help the economy and the institutions, i.e. to acquire more resources: coal, fuel oil and natural gas, in order to include some of the other capacities, in order to produce that energy and we offer it to the business sector and institutions, all in order to help the free market, where the prices are several times higher than the prices on the regulated market, which ESM supplies,” Kovachevski added.

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