Miteva: About a million euros from the electricity sale could have remained in ELEM Trade, if Kovachevski had not sold it cheaply to foreign traders


AD ELEM through the sale of cheap electricity in the night hours at a price half of the stock exchange price in just a month and a half enabled electricity traders to earn almost a million euros. These two electricity traders whose data we can see from the official sales statistics of ELEM, ETMT Energi and DANSKE COMMODITIS DOOEL whose links lead to SDSM or SDSM sister parties, sold the electricity they bought from the stock exchange from AD ELEM at 60% margin, the VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva told a press conference on Tuesday.

“In the midst of crisis, these two companies, due to the dishonesty and criminality of AD ELEM, are making huge profits, instead of the same electricity that AD ELEM offers to the Macedonian economy or to the municipalities for lighting. What is the relationship between ELEM, the Albanian energy company KESH, the company ETMT Energy and the Tirana company ENERTRADE? Additionally, what is the connection between AD ELEM and DANSKE COMMODITIS? SDSM has no answer for these questions,” added Miteva.




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