Kovachevski claims that there will be no electricity restrictions


When asked if, due to the energy crisis, restrictions are being considered in the future and if someone will take responsibility for the absolutely outdated equipment of the facilities that produce electricity, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski assesses that this plan, which was made, was conceived in order to have no restrictions.

“Currently, for the entire regulated market, ESM supplies energy from its own production, for all households and all small consumers, and we do not import a single watt for that purpose. In terms of capacities, there has been no investment in large energy capacities in our country since the day of its independence. This plan also has a financial dimension, which means that the state will have to provide liquid funds for the electric energy sector in order to ensure the advance payments, because currently everything is paid in advance in the electric energy markets, due to the lack of resources,” PM Kovachevski pointed out.

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