Only negative circles in Sofia and the anti-Macedonian SDS see democratic values in an anachronistic treaty that leads to assimilation and negation of the Macedonian identity, says opposition


The Treaty with Bulgaria is at the root of the assimilationist and negatoric blackmail directed at Macedonia. It was with the Agreement with Bulgaria that the framework and justification of Bulgaria’s demands, which encroach on the Macedonian identity, was formed. Unfortunately, contrary to the will of the people and contrary to the expert public, the anti-Macedonian Kovachevski allowed Macedonian textbooks and historical facts about persons and events to be changed through the Commission, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Wednesday.
“This treaty is bilateral and has absolutely no European values contained in it. On the contrary, opposing such an anachronistic agreement is a European value and principle. It is strange that democratic values in the denial of the Macedonian language, culture and history are seen only by the negation circles in Sofia and SDS. Hence, they should not be surprised that they are an anti-Macedonian party. The people clearly say that they are against the Agreement and the humiliations that result from it. A government that ignores its people is doomed to defeat. This is what awaits this non-popular government led by the anti-Macedonian Kovachevski,” the party press release reads.

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