VMRO-DPMNE will never vote for Constitution amendments, claims partyvice president


The VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group will not under any conditions accept changes of the Constitution with the aim of the entry of Bulgarians into the Constitution. The parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE is the guarantor for that matter, where all the deputies, and I, as a deputy, signed statements certified by a notary public that they will not vote for constitutional amendments. In fact, the best evidence that the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE will not vote for constitutional amendments is that SDSM does not send those constitutional amendments to the Parliament. If they have the number that they do not send to Parliament, they will vote and the story will end. We told them, either send them to the Assembly and let’s see that you have 80, or let’s go to early parliamentary elections because you don’t have legitimacy, pointed out VMRO-DPMNE Vice President AleksandarNikoloski on Thursday.

“Today, the foundations of Macedonia are being hit by those who do not want the Macedonian state to exist. The basis for that attack is the Agreement with Bulgaria, and therefore the symbolism is that the day before the Referendum for independence from 1991, we are starting the initiative for a new Referendum, I would call it for the salvation of Macedonia”, said Nikoloski.

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