Minimum monthly living expenses reach almost EUR 800


The Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) has argued for the past period that the living costs of the Macedonian worker and citizen is becoming too expensive and that more and more workers are working, but are poor and cannot afford even the basic food products to feed their family, reads the Facebook post of the Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia.

The latest data from the Union minimum basket show that in August a family of four living in a house of 50 square meters and not owning a car needed MKD 41,295 just to provide the basic products for life, and when it increases by 16.8% inflation or 6,937 equals 48,234 denars. The calculation does not include the cost for one student for the purchase of the necessary materials for the beginning of the school year, which, according to the calculations of the SSM, amount to an additional 6,000 denars.



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