Ministry of Education and Science says there is no cause for concern over the hacked attack on its website


The website of the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science (MES) has been hacked since Saturday night. At the moment, the site is completely offline and cannot be accessed. On the website of the MES, it says that it was hacked by the Greek hacker team called “Netwatchers”.

The Ministry of Education and Science is in communication with the National CIRT Center for Computer Incidents at the Electronic Communications Agency, where the case was reported and from where we expect, with the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to take specific actions to find the location and source of the attacks. In the meantime, the IT service of the Ministry of Education, with the support of external collaborators, is taking actions to strengthen the security of the website, after which it will be activated again, claims the Ministry of Education and Science.

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