Hristovski resigns as PE “Gradski Parking” head: Arsovska is not interested in the needs of Skopje and city parking lots


Today marks exactly 8 months since my appointment as acting director in Public Enterprise Gradski Parking Skopje. On January 13 2022 was my first working day in this company, and today is my last day in this position, Bojan Hristovski, the now former director of PE Gradski Parking Skopje, said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

“I came to this position with a plan and vision, with dedication, professionalism and continuous work dynamics, all with the aim of providing all citizens with equal treatment and better conditions for the services provided by this company. However, I must stress that the City of Skopje is a complex system of institutional management in which several factors are intertwined. The teamwork of the mayor and the public enterprises is necessary, that is why the disturbed coordination is a serious danger for the smooth functioning of the Skopje local government, and this is certainly to the detriment of the citizens. Therefore, due to the lack of interest of the Mayor of the City in the needs of Skopje and city parking lots, as well as due to the drastically reduced support of the projects that we are implementing with our own funds today, I hand my irrevocable resignation from the position of Acting Director of PE Gradski Parking – Skopje,” said Hristovski.

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