SDSM: The referendum is Mickoski’s deception of the citizens, for his own purposes and against the EU


The full press release of the ruling SDSM:

The referendum initiative is the latest deception of Hristijan Mickoski of the citizens.

Mickoski’s referendum is against EU integration, against the Macedonian language and Macedonian identity, and exclusively for his own purposes.

Mickoski is a proven anti-EU politician who is doing everything to distance the country from the European integration process.

For a whole year he talks about elections, about a new parliamentary majority, for months he lied about alleged assimilation and Bulgarianization, and now, after all his lies have failed, he is trying to deceive the public again.

The citizens know all that and that’s why they don’t support Mickoski in his latest attempt to keep his seat in the White Palace.

This initiative of his is doomed, he no longer has support even in his party.

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