Levica: We will support the referendum, although the question is poorly worded


Although the opposition initiative for a mandatory additional referendum that would end the validity of the controversial Law on Ratification of the Good -Neighborliness Treaty with Bulgaria contains an poorly worded referendum question, still – in the spirit of all-Macedonian unification and strengthening the front against the occupation government of SDS and DUI – Lievica will give its parliamentary and field support for the implementation of the Referendum, said opposition party Levica in a press release on Tuesday.

“The 2017 Treaty with Bulgaria, signed by the corrupt quisling Zaev, is the basis on which later – through the capitulating and undignified so-called a French proposal, negotiated by his obedient servants Kovachevski, Marichikj and Osmani – was approved by official Brussels. The European Union, known for its unprincipled nature in the case of Macedonia, has completely disregarded the Copenhagen criteria, becoming a sponsor of the national-chauvinist claims of neighboring Bulgaria, resurrecting the dangerous ideas of VanchoMihajlov and incorporating them as part of the negotiating framework with the Union,” said Levica.

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