Arsovska, blackmailed with criminal charges, is the best player of SDSM and part of the newly formed coalition, claims VMRO-DPMNE


Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska has been blackmailed and works for the ruling SDSM and Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski and herself included in a newly formed coalition that is financed and controlled by the parapolice structures of SDSM, VMRO-DPMNE accused on Saturday.

The real issue, says VMRO-DPMNE, is what is the blackmail behind which Arsovska is forced to work for SDSM and fire people, as in the case of the Public Enterprise “Vodovod I Kanalizacija (Water Supply and Sewage)”.

“Is it because she was caught in suspicion of corruption of 160 million euros for the treatment plant, illegal actions that were also confirmed by the European Investment Bank?

Is it because Arsovska was associated with the setting on fire of the vehicle of the executive director of the Union of Economic Chambers and the failure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to take specific actions in this case?

Is Arsovska forced to work for SDS in order to save herself from criminal prosecution by joining the newly formed coalition of blackmailed employees of the government?”, reads the party press release.

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