Pandov: Everyone in VMRO-DPMNE is against the 2017 Treaty because it is detrimental to the country


Aleksandar Pandov, president of the VMRO-DPMNE Patriotic Institute, in a TV interview spoke about the state in which the country is and indicated that there is an energy crisis, a financial crisis, that the country is going downhill in all respects and all these are prerequisites for having stormy political events.

Pandov referred to the Treaty on Bulgaria and said that he has always rebelled most sharply and loudly against this treaty because that agreement, that is, with the point in which the historical commission was inserted, would be a benchmark for the country’s progress later and as a tool given to Sofia that it will lead to erasure of identity as Macedonians, and the Macedonian history.

“We have commented many times on the agreement with Bulgaria, which was called the 2017 Treaty of friendship, good-neighborliness and cooperation, and from the very moment of signing, I rebelled as harshly as I could, loudly, and said that the point in which the historical commission was inserted would be a benchmark for us to progress later and as a tool that was given to Sofia that will bring us to erasing our identity as Macedonians, Macedonian history and everything else,” said Pandov.

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