High electricity bills will leave schools without heating


The Government that has declared a state of crisis in the energy industry is not ready to help the municipalities, in whose competence the schools are, to deal with the huge electricity bills they incur and at the same time provide warm rooms for the students.

“The block grants for education that the municipalities receive are not even remotely enough,” said Ohrid Mayor Kiril Pecakov.

The price of electricity, Pecakov adds, will be a serious blow to their attempts to clear the debts of schools across the country.

Until now, during the heating season, schools paid about 200,000 denars for electricity (about 3,500 euros), this winter the price will be many times higher. At the same time, some of the schools in the country still have bad heating and old installations, so because of the poor insulation, heaters are also turned on – this is a real picture in a large number of schools across the country.

Kochani Mayor Ljupcho Papazov suggests that schools pay electricity as for households, not the price of industrial electricity.



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