PM Kovachevski deserted from the Army during the 2001 conflict, presenting himself as permanently incapacitated, claims Kovachki


Today we are revealing a new scandal about the Prime Minister – a deserter from the Army in the conflict year of 2001, said Dragan Kovachki from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE at a press conference, and at the same time sent a message to Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski that if he does not respond to these allegations, all materials related to these allegations that reached the party will be released to the general public.

“According to the information that reached the party, Prime Minister Kovachevski consciously avoided military service during the period of the military conflict in 2001, that is, he did not answer the call of his homeland when he was asked for it and when it needed him the most. Like all the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia who at that time served in the ranks of the Army, the current illegitimate prime minister had to report to the military ranks. But I repeat, according to the information we have, the deserter Kovachevski KNOWINGLY avoided military service in the Army. The reason he deserted is that he is, I quote, permanently incapacitated. Kovachevski, who is now the prime minister and enjoys all the benefits of freedom and democracy, which he has because people died for that freedom and democracy, while he was running away from the army, did not report for military service and did not register in 2001, even though he was drafted. Kovachevski is a deserter who does not deserve to lead the country. We call on the deserter Kovachevski to say within 24 hours if he really escaped and if he is permanently incapacitated, or if he lied to the institutions and doctors? He should come out and say otherwise we will publish everything we have. If he is really permanently incapacitated, then he must immediately step down from the position of prime minister. If the deserter Kovachevski was permanently unable to serve in the army and defend the country, then how is he capable of being a prime minister? Do we have a permanently incompetent person at the head of the government and is this the reason Macedonia is being humiliated? There must be accountability both for the deserter Kovachevski and for the entire SDS, who installed a permanently incompetent person at the head of the Government,” stressed Kovachki.

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