(Document) Kovachki: Kovachevski is permanently incapacitated, did he lie to avoid army service or do we have an incapacitated person for a PM?


Prime Minister of Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski  avoided military service, excusing himself with a medical opinion that he is PERMANENTLY INCAPACITATED for military service, accused Dragan Kovachki from the ranks of VMRO DPMNE, at a press conference on Monday.

This is the document, an excerpt from the Army record book, released on social media, added Kovachki.

“From this document, it is clearly seen that Kovacevski was declared PERMANENTLY INCAPACITATED by the doctors.

This leads to two conclusions. Either Kovachevski abused the influence of his father, who was then the Mayor of Kumanovo and a party official of the SDS, and received a false medical opinion, or he really is PERMANENTLY INCAPACITATED.

If Kovacevski did not lie and did not use fraud, then we have a PERMANENTLY INCAPABLE man as the Prime Minister of the country, and the diagnosis itself says that his incapacity cannot be removed, that his condition is permanent, which means that it can only get worse.

If Kovacevski lied about his health condition, then we have a pathological liar at the helm of the country.

If Kovachevski really is PERMANENTLY INCAPACITATED, we don’t know if that condition has progressed and if he is fully functional to perform the state tasks.

In both cases, that is, if he lied, and if he is PERMANENTLY INCAPACITATED, Kovachevski as Prime Minister is a danger to the state. Kovachevski must resign. Macedonia must not be led by a prime minister who is either a pathological liar or is PERMANENTLY INCAPABLE,” Kovachki said.

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