Inflation will stabilize in the coming period, says Popovski


In an interview with MTV, Professor Nikola Popovski explained that in conditions of high inflation, our Central Bank, like other central banks, takes justified measures to mitigate inflationary pressures. According to Popovski, inflation will gradually stabilize in the future period. He emphasized that these measures will have a positive effect on domestic savings and he also emphasized the importance of the National Bank’s measure to support companies for investments in renewable energy sources, through lower interest rates on these loans.

“The good news is that the level of inflation growth is slowing down from a few percent per month, now it is decreasing to 2, then to 1% per month, with a tendency, probably, during this winter to keep a little more because of the war and energy supply, and as soon as next year (March, April, when the price level started to go up), to decrease, that is, to stagnate,” said Popovski.

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