Trenchevska: With responsible saving, kindergartens will have the funds to manage the winter season


The Macedonian Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovanka Trenchevska, said on Monday during her visit to Shtip that if the kindergartens work responsibly, they will have the means to manage the winter season well.

“Kindergartens pay for electricity like households, so they do not pay for industrial electricity. The obligation of MTSP is to provide block subsidies for the salaries of all kindergarten employees and a part for material costs, and for the rest, the obligations are the responsibility of the founder, that is, the Municipality. The municipality is the one that should take care of the costs, and in addition the kindergarten has its own account from the funds paid by the parents of the children in the kindergarten, so with responsible spending, I think they will have the funds to manage well during the upcoming winter season,” stressed Minister Trenchevska, asked by the media.

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