CCC report: Contracts worth 46 million euros were concluded non-transparently, without publishing an ad


The value of contracts concluded through a non-transparent procedure with negotiation without publication of an advertisement has increased. The total value of these contracts in 2021 is 46 million euros, which is 16 million euros more than in 2020. As much as 80 percent of the value of the contracts concluded without publication of an announcement belong to AD Elektrani, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of the Interior, according to the report published on Wednesday by the Center for Civil Communications (CCC) from the regular monitoring of public procurements carried out in the period from July to December 2021.

According to the key findings of the survey of companies conducted in February of this year, in which 284 companies participated, 62 percent of them admit that there is collusion in tenders, 51 percent believe that there is corruption in public procurement, and most of them believe that the “connections” are the most common form of corruption.

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