Still unknown whether there is enough gas for heating in Skopje just weeks before heating season starts


The situation with the heating system in Skopje, which heats 60,000 households, about a thousand educational institutions and a large number of companies, is uncertain. Although ESM agreed to take over the work of supplying heat energy from BEG this heating season and received distribution and supply licenses, it still does not have a lease agreement with Adora, which owns the East and West heating plants. ESM says for Telma that they expect to reach an agreement by the beginning of October, after which a new announcement for the production of thermal energy will be published, TV Telma reports.

Yesterday was also the deadline by which the ESM had to respond to Makpetrol’s offer for the quantities of gas, precisely for these two heating plants.

The heating season officially starts on October 15, and depending on the temperatures, it can start even earlier, but it is still uncertain when and from where a sufficient amount of gas will be provided.


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